Welcome to my website. I was born and raised in the New Orleans, Louisiana area and currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland. You can find out more about me here. I have examples of some of my original artwork available on the "Originals/Gallery" page and prints, reproductions, phone cases, and apparel available on the "Prints, Reproductions & Apparel" page. Please, subscribe to my mailing list. If you see anything you like, feel free to email or contact me to inquire.

Thank you, Salvadore Delvisco.

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​Salvadore Delvisco Art Original Artwork

Salvadore Delvisco Art

Artist Statement:

I do not set out to create a particular type of art. My camera, a notebook and a sketch pad are with me at most times so that when inspiration strikes I can record that moment for later. Most of these bits of inspiration may never develop further and simply remain a digital image on my hard drive or a crude sketch on the pages of a spiral-bound pad of papers. But some of these scenes that I photograph or sketch evolve into a commentary of our world, our politics and our society. Some of my pieces celebrate the beauty and whimsy of life and this existence while others document and berate our society and its darker, greedy side. I create artwork in a multitude of mediums but I most often create in acrylic paints and inks. In addition, I sketch with charcoal and graphite pencils, paint with oils, and I create multimedia and digital artwork.

Art and the images I create give me the freedom to express what I feel and think about this existence and what it means to be human. I believe art makes the world a better place and my work is my contribution to that cause. I hope to leave my messages behind to guide future generations.


I am influenced by everything around me and all of my experiences and memories. Other humans influence me as does the human condition itself. Man-made architecture fascinates me. The natural world and the forces at work in this universe astound me. The artists that I admire the most are Salvador Dali, Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso and Ralph Steadman.